RFID-TA is the IEEE’s premier conference on the technologies, applications, and social impacts of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Hosted by CRFID (IEEE Technical Committee on RFID), this conference brings together industry, government, and academic professionals who design, develop, and utilize RFID technology to improve the transfer of information in an ever evolving internet-of-things (IOTs).

GS1 is a not-for-profit organisation that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. The best known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on products that can be scanned electronically.
GS1 in numbers:

  • 112 local member organisations
  • Over 2 million companies around use GS1 standards
  • Over 100 million products carry GS1 barcodes around the world
  • More than 6 billion GS1 barcodes are scanned every day

Since the beginning, GS1 together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Auto-ID Center, has been involved in developing the Electronic Product Code. EPC forms the bridge between GS1 barcode-based use of the GS1 identifiers and the world of RFID.

Voyantic is the global leading provider of RFID testing and measurement solutions targeted for routine use both in the laboratory and on production level. We also provide installation, training and maintenance services to make our systems true turn-key tools with no uncertainty.
Our solutions are designed to speed up development, improve production quality, and increase sales of RFID technology. That is why practically all of the leading RFID technology providers use our equipment in their R&D, production, or both. We have a proven track record with over 500 solutions delivered to our customers in over 30 countries on five continents.
Voyantic’s personnel have decades of experience in RFID technology, RF design, and measurement equipment. Our customers gain the full benefits of this experience through our measurements systems; we are better than anyone else in the world in packaging complex RF measurements into easy-to-use tools for the RFID industry.

HADATAP specializes in improvement of production, logistic and business processes with the use of advanced IT solutions, including automatic, remote technics of persons, objects and goods identification (RFID). We offer solutions adjusted also to the needs as well as possibilities of the company. Braking development barriers is not always easy, that is why we propose different strategies new solutions implementations, depending on Clients’ employees attitude towards changes – from small steps strategy to breakthrough steps strategy. From the experience we know that, the biggest competitiveness force of the company comes from innovative and simple business concept in combination with proven, solid technology. That is why we help Clients to develop both those aspects.