Topics of Interests include:

Antennas & Propagation
Antenna theory and designs, channel measurements and modeling, including MIMO, UWB and hybrid RFID
Applications & Software
RFID software, middleware, network applications, various applications of RFID in smart cities, scientific studies on operational experience of RFID applications, unconventional RF “identification”
Circuits, Devices, & Readers
Circuit designs, reader architecture, non-silicon and chipless RFID, multi-reader coordination and interference reduction
Energy Harvesting & Wireless Power
Ambient RF harvesting, efficiency improvements, power-optimized waveforms, kinetic, thermal, optical, and other power-harvesting methods
Internet of Things (IoT) & Next-Gen Physical Layer
RFID-enabled devices, IoT/RFID system architectures, MIMO, hybrid and UWB RFID systems, novel networking and communication concepts
Performance bounds, novel system approaches, technologies, and algorithms in RFID tag and reader localization, RF tomography and environmental sensing
Protocols & Security
Coding, anti-collision, cryptography and privacy-enhancing techniques, medium/multiple access schemes
Integration of sensors with RFID tags, including active, passive, or chipless mechanisms; RFID sensor modeling and analysis, new sensors for RFID
Smart Cities
RFID system designs for smart cities including data mining, smart grids management, traffic flow control, mass transit monitoring, infrastructure support, revenue collections, parks management.

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