The IEEE 2017 RFID-TA Conference has been closed

The conference has been closed by the Organizing Committee.

We would like to thank all authors and participants for participation in IEEE 2017 RFID-TA Conference and invite you to the next edition of the conference next year to Macau.

The paper: An Epidermal Graphene Oxide-based RFID Sensor for the Wireless Analysis of Human Breath by Maria Cristina Caccami; Carolina Miozzi; Mohammad Yusuf Shafi Mulla; Corrado Di Natale; Gaetano Marrocco was awarded as a Best Paper!

The paper: 24microWatt 26m Range Batteryless Backscatter Sensors with FM Remodulation and Selection Diversity by Georgios Vougioukas; Aggelos Bletsas was awarded as a Best Student Paper!